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  • Signals

    Signals 0002 This NFT is dedicated to signals coming from Space. In 2016, a group of scientists began searching for sound signals from space using truly complex instrumentation attached to a balloon sent into orbit. THE SPACE SIGNALS The instrument was able to detect sound waves six times more powerful than usual and coming from [...]

    5 Febbraio 2022

  • Space Junk

    Space Junk 0001 The first NFT made by MADE IN SPACE collective is dedicated to space junk and floating waste in the atmosphere. The artwork is a visual representation of space waste. Discover more about this NFT release below, and buy on Foundation. WHY THIS NFT It is estimated that hundreds of millions of pieces [...]

    13 Marzo 2019

  • Starships

    Starships NFT coming soon on Foundation Starship NFT coming soon on Foundation. Visit our profile

    13 Marzo 2019

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