Space Junk

Space Junk


The first NFT collection comes from MADE IN SPACE collective and is entirely dedicated to space junk and floating waste in the atmosphere.

The collection explore the main space waste and transform it into graphic masterpieces animations.

NFT will be limited to 1x each digital canvas.
More digital canvas will be relased soon.

Space trash overload

more space in space

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of pieces of space trash are now floating through our region of the solar system. Some of them are as large as trucks while others are smaller than a flake of paint.

There are a couple of relatively famous pieces of space trash. One is the glove that floated away from the Gemini 4 crew during the first spacewalk by U.S. astronauts.


the floating issue

The main problem with space trash is the danger it poses to working satellites and manned spacecraft. NASA frequently replaces Space Shuttle windows damaged by orbiting flakes of paint! In Figure 1 above, you see an image of an impact crater found on a Shuttle window. The crater is about 1 millimeter in size and was caused by a “space trash particle” about 100 microns in size hitting the window at a high speed. More than likely, this particle came from a solid rocket motor burn.


dead spacecraft
Audio/Video Canvas

An example of additional derelict satellite debris is the remains of the 1970s/80s Soviet RORSAT naval surveillance satellite program. The satellites’ BES-5 nuclear reactors were cooled with a coolant loop of sodium-potassium alloy, creating a potential problem when the satellite reached end of life.

While many satellites were nominally boosted into medium-altitude graveyard orbits, not all were. Even satellites which had been properly moved to a higher orbit had an eight-percent probability of puncture and coolant release over a 50-year period. The coolant freezes into droplets of solid sodium-potassium alloy, forming additional debris.

space junk

space junk nft collection includes:

1x The Junk Journey Pink – Digital Canvas
1x The Junk Journey Black – Digital Canvas
1x Dead Spacecraft – Digital Audio/Video Canvas
2x The Floating Issue – Digital Canvas (Pink and Mint)

“The Universe is infinite
But space has its limits
Rockets a launching
Sat’lites are orbiting
Explosions in Space
Oh what a waste
Fragments go flying
And we go crying “Space junk we’ve got” Man-made or not
Then comes Kessler Who knows the better
When things collide
Their debris do multiply
Thanks to partnering
And NASA’s gathering
We look for ways
To manage the spray”

– S. Thuy Nguyen-Onstott

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